Christmas time has come! This celebration starts earlier in UK than in Spain. It may be so as a result of having shorter days and that the sunlight becomes weaker.

This is a truly magical season and you can feel it in the air; the streets are lit with colourful adorns, people shows their kindness and decorate their homes and gardens with Christmas Trees, coloured fairy lights and leaves and berries.


Every year in December, Jesus Christ’s birth is celebrated. This is a beautiful month that brings families and friends together to share their love and traditions they have had around for centuries. However, despite being so linked to Christianity, many aspects of the celebration find their origins in the Pagan traditions of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. This includes the evergreen pieces they bring into their homes, for instance.

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The main day for Christmas celebration in Britain is on Christmas day. On the 25th December, the whole family gather around a delicious and well-prepared Christmas lunch at midday and share their best wishes and gifts. This meal often includes roast turkey, potatoes and some vegetables. After the main course, a Christmas pudding is usually eaten. But do not forget about the most popular one on Christmas Day in England…Mince Pies!

As well, many churches hold special services the night before Christmas day ‘Christmas Eve’, and the day after.


Some of these traditions were adopted by the Romans and early Christians. In Victorian times, some new ideas such as Father Christmas (Santa Claus), Christmas cards and crackers were added to the celebrations.


I highly recommend, if you can take the chance, to visit English Christmas’ Markets. Is a really mystical and enchanting experience to live with someone whom you can share a typical mulled wine cup, having large walks around, staring at their ornaments or tasting exquisite products.


And what would be a Christmas without snow? It is also much related to Christmas in Britain, and one of the main reasons was the book ‘A Christmas Carol’ written in the XIX by Charles Dickens. When he was a child, Britain had a very heavy snow falls around Christmas, so when he wrote the book he put a lot of snow in it!


So…get ready because Christmas is here and prepare your snow-balls!!




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